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Some subjects have no interest in having their portrait taken, they don’t want you there and even 5 minutes is too much to ask. Max wasn’t one of those people. What a delight to travel an hour out of Ottawa for an editorial photography job to come to the welcoming face of Max Hamlyn. A […]

About two years ago I wrote a post about working for free, for pay. As a new photographer in Ottawa, I was looking for clients, and for some projects, I had no portfolio to show to get the work, so I did the work on spec – but still charged if the client wanted to […]

When the editor of Centre Ice Magazine proposing a two-page editorial spread I jumped at the chance. Every photographer wants their images printed big, and usually interior images are cropped down to make room for text and copy. In this case, the image was a function of the story, with text to be overlayed pointing […]

I have a bunch of editorial photography in the backlog just waiting to go to print, I can’t wait to share it with you, but until that time you get to enjoy my adorable family just a little bit more. My parents came down for the beginning of this week to hang out with the […]

I was extremely fortunate to have been commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada to produce a number of panoramic interior photos of their various gallery collections. For those who have been to the gallery, you already know that photography inside the areas with art is prohibited, and there’s always a keen security guard watching […]

Persistence is key, in everything you do. I don’t know why I keep having to re-learn this lesson. Anything you want, you can probably get, if you persist at it. It might take hard work, it might take a lot of hustle, but if you’re willing to do more than the other guy, do it […]

Here’s a recent home renovation image I did for a client. Actually, the renovation wasn’t new, but my client needed a different approach to the space because they really wanted a single image to display how open they had made the space. As you can see, the kitchen in the back seamlessly opens into the […]