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Here’s a recent home renovation image I did for a client. Actually, the renovation wasn’t new, but my client needed a different approach to the space because they really wanted a single image to display how open they had made the space. As you can see, the kitchen in the back seamlessly opens into the living room and entertaining area and off to the right there’s a formal dining room, but still very much part of the same space. It was important for the home owner to be able to cook and entertain, and it was just as important for me to be able to show this in the image.

a standard, single frame wouldn’t have cut it, though, it would only have been a fraction, pick one room over the other. An alternative is always a fisheye lens, or something very wide angle. I try to avoid this in my interior photography as they heavily distort the room, given them a false sense of enlargement and space. Also, wide lenses will emphasize the objects closer to the lens, something a bit more telephoto introduces compression which smacks the background up a bit closer (in a two dimension frame, it’s important to choose how your background is perceived). All that said, I was still shooting at 17mm (which is quite wide) and stitched this image together as a panorama using over 20 frames. To minimize the distortion (though it’s still present to my eyes) I had to do a lot of skewing and warping in Photoshop to get it back to the space you’d actually see if you stood there.

Right now this space is submitted for a renovation award with this image leading the portfolio, I couldn’t be more pleased and hope my client wins!

If you’re interested, a (much) larger version is up on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Homes

  1. Really nicely done! No perspective distortion, and the stitching is really clean…wow.

  2. Calusarus says:

    Nice job ! And I don't only speak about the shot !