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Probably my last shot of the girls of Rockalily Ottawa. While my primary focus in photography is people and portraits – which usually denotes their face and eyes – I can’t help but notice other assets. For these girls their curves were certainly worth exploring, their comfort with each other and their involvement in the […]

I had recently been spending some time offering advice to fellow photographers. Both solicited and otherwise. This quickly earned me two things, positive and negative feedback, with no room in the middle. I tried my best to keep my comments helpful in the overall development of a frame, assuming that others would want to benefit […]

Sorry about the overall softness of the image, my AF was obviously tracking due to that dirty mess on camera right. Me and a few like minded photographers rented a local studio on Sunday (Steak & BJ Day) to teach ourselves a bit about lighting an inside space, portraiture, and just sharing ideas and gear. […]