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And we’re back! Spent the past week on a brief repose in Toronto. Most of the time was with my family, and extended family for those who *ahem* managed to get back to me (props to Dan & Andrew Lieu for grabbin beers with me!) I travelled light for this trip. 2 kids under 3 […]

It’s hard to go home after a week with your partner – not a lot of people have to do this – many relationships evolve in constant close contact. But when you have to leave more than you get to stay, it become harder as your relationship becomes more solidified, as you and your partner […]

So I’ve got this Ms. pac-man table-top machine upstairs that belongs to my room-mate Dan. Some way, some how, while Attila and Jen were sleeping in the spare room, the glass on the machine cracked [read: they were banging on top of it]. The glass measures 55.6cm wide and 68cm long; it’s actually a octagon, […]