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Going Home

Going Home
It’s hard to go home after a week with your partner – not a lot of people have to do this – many relationships evolve in constant close contact. But when you have to leave more than you get to stay, it become harder as your relationship becomes more solidified, as you and your partner grow closer and experience new levels of intimacy you find it harder to physically separate yourself from them again and again.

This won’t be the case forever, but in the interim leaving, being apart, does bring sorrow.

One thought on “Going Home

  1. Lincoln says:

    I feel like I'm there moving with everyone in the snow. This is a great shot. I'm envious of anyone who can capture motion in a still image. It's something that I never seem to get no matter how often I try. Happy New Year JVL. PS: I'll let you in on the secret sauce if you send me a print of this shot. 🙂