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An informal poll, if you’ll humour me, when you come and visit this site, and I know that you do – Mom – Are you coming here to read what I write at all? Because I realized I don’t really have a mode, or a goal in mind when I sit down. Sometimes I write […]

Taken at Dow’s Lake, this is a 5 image vertical pano taken with the Canon new 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS lens. The reason for the pano is simple, at a fixed 100mm I couldn’t get a clear shot of this tree without including lots of other trees and distracting foreground elements. So I got in […]

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the warm glow good ol’ energy-wastin’ bulbs produce. Sure, I have LED’s – SOMEWHERE – but we ain’t using ’em. Nope. I also like to leave the lights on in rooms that I’m not in, as well as using the Refrigerator to cool the house down in the […]

I am so lazy with my processing now. I loathe leaving Lightroom for Photoshop. Sure, when I do, I tend to be very happy with the results. But Lightroom is just so EAAAAASY. Speaking of lazy – why isn’t it the weekend yet? Vote for my photo!vote

Winter is tha DREGS. Not only is winter in the city uninspiring for any photos I might chance to take, but it’s prohibitive as well. I go to work it’s dark.I leave work it’s dark. That means I have to either take photos from my desk, or bring the tripod out and shoot poles on […]

The picnic is bar far my most under explored joy, well, maybe the Wildboyz DVD’s were my MOST under explored joy; but picnic’s are a close second.It’s probably systemic of city dwelling for me, and a strong case of apathy, where, when confronted with the option of packing a lunch and actually leaving home, I […]

One of my favourite features of my backyard are the flowers that come up on my crab-apple tree; flowers are cool – cliche’s be damned.