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I went shopping for work clothes yesterday at the dreaded Mall. Work-buddy Sandra came to help me out, because I believe I am technically retarded at dressing myself.
She made me try different things on, different styles, and actually made me “think” about my puchase. She did her best to help colour match ties to shirts – a task which I am, again, systemically flawed at.

The one thing I saw that I “coveted” as clothing went was a Hugo Boss blazer I tried on at Harry Rossen [Read: expensive] it was on sale, down from $800 to $500 – but my brain got the better of me and I didn’t drop the cash – I think a green tweed sport jacket with brown leather patches on the arms will suffice for now… and a pipe, I need to start smoking a pipe.

One thought on “Atrium

  1. Joe says:

    This is screwing with my mind!