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A challenge with these composite images is that it’s hard enough to just keep your kids still, and if they start moving things around they can really mess up your shot.

The more elements you incorporate into the frame, the more chances you have of something screwing up. Also, if they decide to move your camera… you’re in for some fun photoshop times.

The bulk of these “extreme parenting” shots (as my friend Angela calls them) are shot and processed the same day, while I’m caring for the kids (or ignoring them when appropriate). If I have alex on my lap at the computer, there’s no limit to keyboard shortcuts he can innact with a quick swipe of his hands. Often leading to slighly less than ‘clean’ images – from my perspective anyways.

All that said, these photos seem to be a hit on the blog, as well as flickr, and I’m starting to collaborate with a few Ottawa families on producing similar images for their own family album, or wall… or wherever you keep photographs. I’m looking forward to sharing some of these with you in the near future!

4 thoughts on “B-boyz

  1. Matt Young says:

    Love it! Came across your site just this morning as I was searching out Ottawa area folks doing cool strobist stuff – glad I did.

  2. angela says:

    i love that freaking octopus.

  3. Jean Labelle says:

    These are great Justin!
    Are you familiar with Jason Lee's work on Flick?
    Same type of shots with his kids. His kids are older now but have a look at his older stuff.
    You guys are super creative!
    Well done sir!

  4. Greg says:

    Adorable! Old-school come full circle to new-school Adidas track suit for the win!