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Bank Street Pano

Bank Street Pano
Nothing particularly special about this shot here other than the fact that my computer crashed about a dozen times while I tried to stitch it; eventually I had to break it up into 4 sections and combine those. Pano’s can be tricky for display on the screen, because I think a lot of their value is in the extreme detail you can get out of them.

Maybe of more interest to those in Ottawa you can zoom into the image a bit here.

Also significant to note, or at least to note my current systems shortcomings, I couldn’t process it at it’s native file size (about 15,000 pixels across), so I had to shrink it to 5,000 pixels wide; which is the zoom amount you get on the link.

5 thoughts on “Bank Street Pano

  1. mykl says:

    i like it! it doesnt need to be of anything particularily spectacular. for bonus points, i happen to enjoy that little section of Bank St. i dont even know why haha

  2. Nicole says:

    I think this is brilliant, I love it. Even as it is I love all the little details I can see in it. Sounds like a bit of a epic to put it together, fair play for persevering!

  3. Travis. says:

    Look at all that wasted rooftop real estate! There should be an initiative to build more rooftop patios. Also, how long have you been wanting to use that zoomify tool? Someone needs to do a pixelpost addon for it.

  4. faisal says:

    whoa! this is brilliant. so much going on here. great work!

  5. Charles A-M says:

    Got here via SpacingOttawa. Great photo! I never knew that building had a green roof.

    It's interesting to see how much of Bank Street was a certain height before the Mondrian dropped in. The buildings on the far right (except the one at the corner of Laurier and Bank) will be redeveloped soon.

    You're definitely going on my RSS feed!