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Boxing Day

Boxing Day
Something I also learned from Best Buy; the best sales are on *before* Boxing Day. Why discount heavily on a day that you know people are coming in flushed with cash? Sure there are a few truly great deals, but everything else pretty much goes back up to its retail price (A price it only ever reaches on this day), with a discount equivalent to what we had been selling it for the rest of the month.

Needless to say I’m not going anywhere today. I’m going to sit at home, watch my DVD’s, and enjoy the fact that I’m

A. Not Shopping

B. Not Working

Life is pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. P.J. says:

    Unfortunately, no boxing day in the states. So I'll be working! Good times!

  2. Again…. those long shadows and wonderful colors. I'm enjoying going through your images. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and pointing me to yours!