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I drank me some of this beer over the weekend. It was, in my opinion, pretty tasty. I found it to contain a bit more flavour than your traditional “summer beers” – Sol, & Corona. Maybe on it’s own it doesn’t stand against my fav’s, but for a delicious treat, add the lemon or lime, a Barbecue, and the company of a fine woman and it’s a delight.

4 thoughts on “Brahma

  1. Brad says:

    What are you writing a commercial or something? But in all seriousness, nice photo — very crisp. I'm too lazy to see if this is with your new lens or not… but I see levels of improvement from you JVl… one day you maybe reach master photographer.

  2. christina says:

    the bbq gave me the poops. nice photo though.

  3. schmee says:

    i'm sorry were you saying something about my photo being lazy?

  4. faith says:

    this is the best beer in the whole wide world. you could have made this bottle look a little EPIC… don't ya think? … *sigh* amateurs