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I’m sorry to say that when things get busy, and I mean busy all around, one of the first things to drop is this blog. I’m thankful for things like Twitter and RSS feeds that mean people don’t have to be proactive in visiting the site and seeing if I’ve posted something. It’s passive and most often I will come to you.

I’ve been running around with my G11 a lot lately and I really like it, I mean as a tool it’s very functional and I’ve said things about this before so I won’t run on, but you’ve got to have a camera on you at all times; one that you’ll use. If you don’t use it you’re not envisioning your shots, and if you’re not looking at everything and how you’ll make it more interesting in your frame, well, then you’re not really passionate about this stuff are ya?

My parents came to town this past weekend and I was finally able to show them a bit of Ottawa, aside from Hintonburg, for once. We went downtown to the Byward Market and into the main building where this was shot. My mom’s goal for the trip was to buy maple sugar, which is apparently a commodity in Toronto, and when she found some she ended up buying two kilo’s. Now I’m no Stringer Bell, but the businessman inside me says you can probably cut that with some brown or yellow sugar, maybe even as much as 50%. There’s money to be made in this economy, to be sure, you just have to know where to look – for better or worse, my current tastes still lay in gravy train that is portraiture.

3 thoughts on “Byward

  1. Mom says:

    You really did make the people disappear!

  2. langford says:

    you're the thinsite of 2009 fo sho.

  3. schmee says:

    i'm the thinsite of 2009 bitch. just so happens that the thinsite of 2009 is severely inactive. either way.. recognize