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Canadian Women's Foundation

Canadian Women's Foundation

Last week I had the pleasure to photograph a very special cheque presentation here in Ottawa. A local fundraising group, on behalf of the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), had raised money for local women’s shelters.

This kicked off the CWF’s Shelter from the Storm campaign, which aims to raise awareness AND money for women’s homes, shelters, and trying to help those fleeing abuse. Last week there was a survivor of abuse there, she told a remarkable story, that gave us all pause. Out of respect I didn’t photograph her and made sure she wasn’t in the background of any of my images. It’s terrifying to think about what she and her family had to go through, let alone to know she’s still isolated, that she has to be wary. I often forget the “power” guys can have, the inequality and unfairness some people have to live through…

You may look at this and see people smiling, yeah, they did a good job, they should celebrate that victory. Tomorrow half of those pictured go back to run shelters that save women’s lives, and the lives of their families every day – they deserved a break.

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