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Spacing National

Spacing National
I’ve been a contributor to the Spacing Ottawa blog since it was launched a few years ago, I’ve had a great working relationship and friendship with it’s editor Evan Thornton too. He has been my proponant and a fan, which always makes it easier when working on assignment for them. I’ve even been fortunate to have a few images from around Ottawa in their print magazine for the small articles published from Ottawa.

As a Torontonian, living in exile, I’ve also admired the work of T.O.’s prominent photobloggers like Miles Story and Sam Javanrouh, these guys were pumping out daily photoblogs when I got my first SLR. A great case of networking now has me working along side them, indeed, colaboratively as one of Spacing Magazine’s first national issue covers (image at the top of this post) is a colaboration between Sam and myself.

Sam has worked on these tiny planets quite a bit before, and that’s what gave the publishers at Spacing the idea to have an Ottawa tiny planet, of Parliament (what else?). It was no problem for me to get the photos, though I hadn’t done a tiny planet before I got the “basic” idea that it was a 360 degree spherical panorama, but I was lacking the software to do the work, and the experience in editing all the irregularities that this kind of photo merge would bring. Thankfully, for, me, Sam worked his ass off to process the image and you get the sunrise on Parliament that you see above. The biggest trick for me was waiting for the RCMP car to move off the lawn early in the morning.

You can see the other national covers (one for each “region”) on Spacing’s flickr set here. If you’re in Toronto, there’s a launch party tomorrow at the Design Exchange and then they’re hitting the road, I’m more than likely to attend the event at the NAC next month. You should be able to pick up your copy at one of these fine retailers, or now, at any Chapters/Indigo in the country.

I’ve been extremely fortunate these past 6 months as I put myself towards photography full time, I’m gratefull for my clients, my frends, and all the other photographers I’ve had the opportunity to work with and meet. Thank you Matt & Evan at Spacing, and Sam for working so damn hard on this image.

Welcome visitors from DDOI, if you made it all the way down to the bottom of my ramblings, have a look around the blog, you can navigate using the left & right arrows on your keyboard! You can also view this image on Flickr.

8 thoughts on “Spacing National

  1. DaniGirl says:

    Woot! Nice work, Justin – congrats!! I love these images but honest to god, I cannot for the life of me figure out how they work. Not sure I want to know, I kinda like the magic. 🙂 Well done!

  2. Jean Labelle says:

    Magical indeed! Well done and congrats!

  3. love this. perfect illustration of Ottawa, or at least the 'political' heart of Ottawa.

  4. Gilles Levesque says:

    Nice stuff, I've been looking at Sam's blog for years, nice to see you collaborating with him. Awesome work.

  5. attila says:

    i approve

  6. Diana says:

    This is very very cool Justin. Congrats! I love the photo!

  7. Justin Campbell says:

    This is PERFECT. Amazing. Nice collaboration between two great photobloggers.

  8. Nadine says:

    This is a spectacular piece of art. Congratulations – you absolutely deserve it!