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Cool Rims

Cool Rims
Inspired by Attila I decided to freeze my extremities and walk around in the cold trying to take pictures on my tripod. I learned that there is a distinct difference between bad tripods and good tripods and, regrettably, mine is not one of the later.

When you’re out there with your slow exposures and wind swept face, you have to be patient, not pass up the shot. That’s why after about an hour I turned around and walked back home. I’m going to assume ’tiller gets in his warmer car to move his bum around town.

4 thoughts on “Cool Rims

  1. P.J. says:

    I like the shadows. I also really like the cityscape. Nice job on this one.

  2. schmee says:

    actually, i walk. i may drive somewhere, but that's just to and fro. i think once you get freezing it's easier to just stay freezing then to constantly tease yourself with shots of warmth.

  3. April says:

    I like this shot a lot. There is a kind of sadness to the lone basketball hoop. I love the city scape behind it.