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Man I *so* didn’t need to see The DaVinci code, but I more didn’t need to read the book, so I’m much happier having wasted a few hours watching Forest Gump run around hallucinating religious symbols and codes with Amelie while being chased by Leon the professional and running into Magneto (or Gandalf, take your pick).

I checked out the new BMV Books on Bloor Friday night, pretty swanky place. Remaindered books are okay in my, um…books. I picked up a few that I had surprisingly never read before, people I admire a great deal have recommended both American Gods, and Dune to me. I haven’t been able to properly read in a few years since I had a bit of a mental *relapse* [Read: Breakdown], but this past week I’ve been tearing up the pages and picking up two trade editions of proven contemporary classics for under $20 is okay by me.

*Edit: oh, a delightful quote from my beloved Penny Arcade today in regards to which of the big three gaming systems will come out on top:*

“Nobody knows shit. We’re pinning ethereal tails on ephemeral donkeys.”

2 thoughts on “Crossed

  1. P.J. says:

    I love reading, but I couldn't get through the DaVinci Code. I got a little ways in and didn't feel it was capturing me, unfortunately.

    Cool shot today though!

  2. xtina says:

    i think you are improving on your processing skills. did you get a new monitor?