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Espresso Tree

Espresso Tree
I decided to take the DSLR out with me today. I have an overbearing jacket that doesn’t go well with a pro-sized digital camera. Lately I’ve been coveting the LX3 just as a means of getting great shots without the weight restrictions (not to mention the screaming absurdity of “HEY I’M TAKING A PICTURE HERE!”) of a DSLR with a hefty L lens attached.

But wouldn’t getting a Point and Shoot camera (albeit a highly regarded one) detract from why I got a big camera in the first place? Does it make me less of a man, or just plain lazy, to want to take something in my pocket as opposed to something that’s the equivalent weight of carrying my son dangling from my left shoulder? Carrying the DSLR means it’s outside of my jacket too – the cold burning out the battery, blah blah blah…

So how many of you out there, who have DSLR’s, have a point and shoot too? If you do, which one, and do you use it?

I know Aaron does – the g9 too (I’d take one of dem!).

3 thoughts on “Espresso Tree

  1. Brad says:

    I still have my OLD sony cybershot s80 from before I got my canon, but i never use it… ever.

  2. Calusarus says:

    Blur and sharpen are very nice on this shot.

  3. You certainly have an eye.