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Fire in the Glebe

Fire in the Glebe
Certainly not the greatest of images – I still thought it might be an interesting view of the fire in the Glebe for folks who live in Ottawa.

Shot this while leaning against my boardroom window at Carling & Bronson hand-held with the Canon G11 and processing Lightroom 3 Beta with Silverefex Pro for the B&W conversion. I gotta say, especially for point & shoot images (like the G11) running a filter over them like ones from Nik Software are a great way to give them some PUNCH that they may otherwise be missing due to technical limitations.

4 thoughts on “Fire in the Glebe

  1. faisal says:

    looks like a photojournalism shot from iraq or something. nice work!

  2. Calusarus says:

    The high contrast is a great idea in this urban B&W

  3. hoi says:

    I like it. Very nice.

  4. langford says:

    i actually really like it too. its funny sometimes the photos the photographer hates and criticizes everyone ends up loving. i find that happens often.