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fun time

fun time
I have a strong theory that with all the playground of old being torn out, the youth of today will grow up to be adult wusses. Never knowing what it was like to break their arm, or sprain an ankle, the “bitches” of the future will trip on a stair and cry to their mommies. Not us man, we lived it raw; wood climbers, monkey bars, monkey bar battles! Shit, or even swinging on the swings, higher and higher, until you’re almost falling upside-down then letting go and basically falling to the ground; that’s truth brothers.

2 thoughts on “fun time

  1. Brad says:

    I'm with you on adults become big pussies. We used to have entire labyrinths made of tires bolted together. I once fell off of the pyramid. That might be the first time I had the wind knocked out of me.. but damnit, I was back on top the next day.

    I'm not a fan of the desturated color on this one. Too much color is coming through to really hide the colors and it just looks like you sort of screwed up. I know, I'm rough. But that's how I live it man.

  2. P.J. says:

    Preach on! The days of old! I miss those days of actually going out and… I dunno… being a kid and playing? Now? Not so much and if someone looks at them wrong, mothers and fathers get into a fight! Heck, I remember making my OWN forts and things to climb on! (which got me lots of cuts and bruises!)

    I see the color on this one both ways. I kind of agree with Brad, but at the same time, I see the nice part of having it look like this — almost giving it a different feel. Like a lonely feel. If the color is too bright, then it looks more like a happy place. By reading the commentary, this look works I think because it gives a feel of what's being said (especially with the danger sign).