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Got You

Got You

The snow got us, the cold got us, whatever it’s been – everyone in my house has been sick. So I offer to you, not as a reason, but a bona-fide excuse, for not posting a blog post, or much on flickr either (which is where I often post images if I don’t have much to say).

I haven’t been completely still though, I have a few blog posts that I can’t quite show yet showcasing some new clients – but they’re all waiting for launches of their own. So until their stuff goes live, I’m sitting on it.

If my kids noses stop draining, constantly, I might be able to muster up a few portraits for ya, but right now anything I’d show certainly wouldn’t be pretty, and with the aches in my own body, I certainly wouldn’t enjoy taking them. But plow through it right? It’s what we do after all. Parents. Photographers.

One thought on “Got You

  1. Lou says:

    hahaha… That graphic cracks me up, I can't stop staring at it hahaha…