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Steve came to me asking for help conveying an image that he had in his head, it was a visual representation of how he felt. Scared, sexually abused, and silenced as a young boy, Steve has grown into a very capable and accomplished man. He’s a professional athlete, Iron-man competitor, and barefoot runner. You look […]

Here’s V, the three year old member of the family I recently photographed. She took centre stage though, most cuties do, so I’m featuring her here solo. For my standard family portraits I travel to the locations a bit lighter, rarely with an assistant, which keeps the costs down for my clients and allows me […]

The snow got us, the cold got us, whatever it’s been – everyone in my house has been sick. So I offer to you, not as a reason, but a bona-fide excuse, for not posting a blog post, or much on flickr either (which is where I often post images if I don’t have much […]

I made a comment on twitter the other day that went something like this “some say you don’t take as many photos of your 2nd child because you’ve done it before with the first, but in reality it’s because the first is so fucking crazy you no longer have the time.” Quinn lost a bit […]

I was very fortunate this week to have one my photos critiqued on the esteemed David DuChemin’s Within the Frame Podcast episode 6. He looked at a previous photo I had submitted to the Flickr group of Eden. This is the sort of thing I need – I CRAVE it. Not the typical “this sucks” […]

The one and only time I tried to skate on the Canal I fell on my ass so often I said I’d never go back – how could I possibly take photos at the same time as I fall on my SLR? Which makes me question having that SLR with me all the time. It’s […]

Maybe my own accumulation of toys hasn’t been for nothing, and maybe my son (not pictured) will want a full* set of Simpsons Action Figures.Maybe he’ll enjoy statuettes of our mutually favourite Marvel Super Heroes, or even thank me for making sure I had ALL of the full-sized replica Lord of the Rings swords. Maybe […]

This is my lil’ cousin, whom you’ve seen before. He’s actually started to remember me, which is kind of nice, since I really only see him a few times a year – not bad considering I have trouble remember what I did last week (and I’m me!). I’m finding I’m getting fewer comments*, is commenting […]