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Little Curves

Little Curves
I made a comment on twitter the other day that went something like this “some say you don’t take as many photos of your 2nd child because you’ve done it before with the first, but in reality it’s because the first is so fucking crazy you no longer have the time.”

Quinn lost a bit of his “crazy” this weekend by catching a nasty viral infection. For the parents out there I’ll say this: both ears.

Sucks – and after spending two semi-sleepless nights on the couch cradling the boy I’m afraid it’s caught up to me too.

Luckily, my parents had a planned visit to Ottawa this weekend, so along with shouldering MUCH of the burden, they afforded me time to shoot. I was able to steal Paul’s 50D for a few intimate shots of Alex sleeping (note: as a 3 week old he sleeps more than he doesn’t).

This shot was processed using Adobe’s Lightroom 3 Beta, along with a pass through Nik Software’s ColorEfex Pro & then SilverEfex Pro for the B&W conversion. If you don’t already own these plugins these two alone account for the full WORTH of the Nik complete collection for Lightroom (as of this writing $299.95 USD) I use them daily and add some very much needed “pop” and control to many of my images.

Pro Tip: check out Rick Sammon’s website for some more samples of the Nik software plugin, as well as coupon codes for it and others.

One thought on “Little Curves

  1. faisal says:

    is this the little one. congrats again!!!! 😛