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Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a nasty little bug that fills your kid up with mucous. Which, if they’re young enough, and unable to force the phlegm out on their own, has to be removed by tube and suction. There is no treatment other than oxygen, it’s just one of those things they have to get through – but damn if it isn’t heartbreaking to see.

It’s physically strenuous on Mel too, considering she’s his only food-source. That mean she shares a room with two infants hacking and crying all night; going on three nights now too.

5 thoughts on “RSV

  1. Nicole says:

    The poor little guy, I hope he pulls through it soon!

  2. Erinn says:

    Poor little fella. He looks like a fighter though, so it won't be long!

  3. Hope he get better soon!!!

  4. I hope he is out of the worst and getting better every day.

  5. Christophe says:

    Superbe scène de vie !