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In Print: Geordie Sole Man McConnell for Kitchissippi Times

In Print - Geordie Sole Man McConnell for Kitchissippi Times

Honestly one of the weirder shoots I’ve been on, while walking with a man dressed as a giant shoe, across a street with traffic and into a large park on a windy spring day.

It was windy enough that Kathleen, my editor slash assistant, was almost blown away holding the large octa box I gave her to hold, the Sole Man stumbled around a bit too as his suit picked up a bit of the wind. We all made it out okay.

It’s not shameless self promotion, he’s running a 42.2k marathon dressed in the shoe (it weights about 20lbs) to raise awareness for Sole Responsibility, a charity encouraging athletes to donate their gently used running shoes to African Refugees. I’ve posted more photos from the shoot on my facebook page.

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