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Honestly one of the weirder shoots I’ve been on, while walking with a man dressed as a giant shoe, across a street with traffic and into a large park on a windy spring day. It was windy enough that Kathleen, my editor slash assistant, was almost blown away holding the large octa box I gave […]

A long time ago I posted a review on all the small softoxes I used to help light my portraits. It’s still very accurate, I do have and use all these things, with a bit of a change. My highly used Lastolite 24″ Ezybox was replaced by the FJ Westcott 28″ Apollo softbox. At the […]

Lots of cross-posting repetition going on in my media streams this weekend. If you haven’t seen it already, please head over to Tiffinbox.org and read my post on the Ranger Quadra’s and recent wedding I shot. Leave a comment to – it makes me feel good. For those who follow my flickr stream, you’ve already […]

What is it with throwing someone’s (or your own) kicks up into the air onto these wires. Some people tell me it’s a marker; let’s you know where the crackhouse is. Other’s believe it’s just kids pranking each-other. Anyone dumb enough to pull this shit themselves? Or know why it goes down? I’m curious.

Full credit goes to Gord for inspiring this photo. For whatever reason he’s fascinated with telephone poles and equipment. We’re so intent on scouring the ground and what’s in front of us that we often forget to look up. This happens a lot in big cities – places like New York where the buildings have […]

I used to like to swing as high as I could, basically high enough that gravity, not centripetal (or is it centrifugal?)force pulled the swing down. At the apex, the absolute highest my own momentum would take me, I’d let go of the swing, suspended in air for a brief moment as I slowly drifted […]

I take the camera absolutely everywhere I go, I don’t care how long I’m going, or even what I think I “might” see; there’s always something that you haven’t seen before.For this shot, I was walking down the street to get my dry cleaning, nothing more than that, but I stopped and popped off a […]