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It's in the shoes

It's in the shoes
What is it with throwing someone’s (or your own) kicks up into the air onto these wires. Some people tell me it’s a marker; let’s you know where the crackhouse is. Other’s believe it’s just kids pranking each-other.

Anyone dumb enough to pull this shit themselves? Or know why it goes down? I’m curious.

6 thoughts on “It's in the shoes

  1. Anne says:

    I've heard a few times that it's a marker for someone run over by a car, and one of those sources knew the owner of the shoes.

    A friend of mine also collects photos of this phenomenon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/y-squared/tags/shoes/

  2. Calusarus says:

    A strange place for shoes

  3. I've seen this many times in the area I doubt it would be explained with a) the crackhouse or b) the being run over by a car theory. Multiple shoes around the same area.

  4. kim Allan says:

    I'm not sure either, but here we have snowboard boots over the wires in a couple of spots! ha!

  5. faisal says:

    When will you grow up and stop bullying little kids?

    Interesting theory about it being a marker… Hmm…

  6. Greg says:

    What the heck? Kids used to do this all the time.. no mystery that I'm aware of. As faisal hints at, it's just bullying. Take one kid's shoes, throw there were you can't ever get them again.