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So Attila went and, not only posted a photo, but an hour long track that he mixed himself. I’ve dutifully downloading it and listening to the whole movement – it’s motivating – the smoothly mixed tracks, bestial bumping beats, rhythmically coaxing me to move – or in my case – fidget, awkwardly.

I learned in Psych 101 that, neurologically, the rhythms that lead to an act that excites or stimulates you are half of the excitement curve to the full effect of the stimulus. So the ritual of grinding beans, adding water and a filter, and percolating coffee is half the entire level of stimulus I’ll receive from the actual act of drinking it; even the smell can trigger wakefulness, and attention.
Though I wouldn’t call my morning line-up at the ‘bucks to be stimulating, maybe you have something that get’s you going – before it even happens?

  • Baking a cake?
  • The smell of Cream Cheese on a Bagel?
  • Rolling a joint?
  • This post is dedicated to Aaron who likes coffee more than anyone I know.

    8 thoughts on “Insomniac

    1. Nicole says:

      This is so sharp, I love it. But I also loved the blurry marbles from yesterday too. Is there much processing on this one?

    2. Mom says:

      Catching those beans in freefall without blurring is amazing. I love the colours and crispness and lighting of this shot.

    3. josh says:

      you link to attila's site a lot. do you have a man crush on him?

    4. JVL says:

      @ josh Yes.
      @ Mom – A COMMENT!
      @ Nicole – the Marbles were blurry because of the old glass jar they were in, and there is very little processing – all in Lightroom, a few exposure adjustments and desaturated some blues that were picked up by the glass.

    5. Calusarus says:

      A very living composition, and the coffee color is really nice…

    6. Brad says:

      This is actually pretty sweet. I could hang this is MY kitchen… hook a brotha up.

    7. Can-Dance says:

      I think Dana comes close in love of coffee…

    8. What are the chances I could order something like a 12×18 print of this? Maybe a little faux steam?