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Kingsway Park

Kingsway Park
What the? Kingsway park has a shite backdrop; who put that apartment there?

I think Glenda told me her ex boyfriend sold/bought drugs from someone here once, but the park isn’t even as big as my living room, so maybe I’d have a better chance of scoring down there…

3 thoughts on “Kingsway Park

  1. Brad says:

    This is seriously one of your best pics yet … I am VERY impressed. Maybe it's just your style vs. mine, but again with the lack of sharpness. Smart Sharpen is my best friend.

  2. JVL says:

    In all honesty the past few photos I've intentionally blurred using some dope technique taught to me by Xtina (onvertigo.ca) which was taught to her by Andrew Knapp (http://andrewknapp.my-expressions.com). I went the straight sharp feel at first, but after I added a blurry glow I was all up on this photo.

  3. Brad says:

    i think it's comparison time