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Are you folks following me on the Twitter yet? I’ve been trying to filter out the regular noise of my mind (what I ate, what I’d like to eat, type of coffee I’m having) and provide some relevant information SOMETIMES – photography, weird things I run into while trying to raise money to fight Cancer in Ottawa… that sort of thing.

Granted, I suppose I don’t do much of that here either – I’m not just a pretty face – okay, I’m that too.

One thought on “Patterns

  1. Wayne C. says:

    Hmm. This might be breaking photo ettiquette (I'm a noob to photography). But why did you chose this subject to photograph? I feel like I am missing some context on this one. I think it has to do with the lighting. I can't tell if it's sunny or gloomy out. Or what kind of street it is (urban, residential)? In the final analysis, I guess it doesn't matter.