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Q is for Quick

Q is for Quick
You know when people say kids grow up fast? Well it’s true. I’ve had a son now since April, and he’s already showing signs of being a little man – an actual person – no longer an eating, sleeping, pooping machine (like his dad).

Quinn reaches out for his mom, tucks his head into my chest, and likes to feed himself with his own damn spoon.

Strobist: I shot this using 580exII on about 1/4 power with PW and single shoot-through umbrella camera left, with white foam-board to Quinn’s immediate left and right with black foam-board as my backdrop (I’ll be able to afford second hand sheets soon though – Christmas is coming). Processed using Lightroom 2.2 (the update worked!) and Matt K’s Lomo Effect Preset which he graciously allows you to download for free with a bunch of others…

3 thoughts on “Q is for Quick

  1. Mom says:

    Best baby photo ever!!

  2. Calusarus says:

    A very nice sharpen for this portrait of a beautiful baby ! But are you sure of your WB ?

  3. JVL says:

    I found the standard WB was just kind of boring – so I used a "Lomography" preset in Lightroom to change the tones – No, I don't have a blue baby 😉