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So Long

So Long
I’m leaving Toronto tonight and I gotta say, I had a fantastic time. I have the very best friends and I’m extremely fortunate – if I was a more spiritual man I’d say I was blessed. Thanks to Rainbow, Andrew, Mike, Jay, Will, Dan, Glenda, Sandra, Eda, Megan, Natalie, Joe, Owen, Elias, Nick, Andrea and whoever else came out – awesome stuff.

Thanks to my mom for putting me up in what’s left of my old room and for even doing a random load of laundry (aw mom). Paul for letting me use his 50d for some stock photos, and my boss John for letting me get time off work and the lovely Melanie for taking care of the boy while I come spend some time for Toronto debauchery fun.

3 thoughts on “So Long

  1. Calusarus says:

    Very nice composition, for this unusual bike detail…

  2. Owen says:

    great pic