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Mmmmm, do I love me some sushi. It’s healthy living for the most part, though I’ve found that a lot of sushi places are using more mayonnaise based sauces and avocado’s in their dishes. And those dishes *are* delicious, but they’re adding that western “fat” feel to everything, kind of like adding the bic mac sauce to your fish; sounds gross? Try it.

3 thoughts on “Soy

  1. faith says:

    this isn't my favourite. but you are. yes. yes you for sure are my fav. i can't believe that you stayed up last night to process more pictures. you're a gem. you're the nicest boy i know. i appreciate you and your camera more than i appreciate my right foot (and the pimple on my face that i woke up with) … i'm not checking typos. live with it. whore.

    i adore you. and your crackerness.

  2. Jeremy says:

    You'd like a sushi joint in Kitchener. Ye's sushi. Eat as much as you like for $12.99. Good sushi.

  3. aaron says:

    i'm pulling a jvl and inappropriately posting that this looks like a poop-kettle.