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This past July my trusty Alex and I took a road-trip past Toronto to Burlington, Hamilton, and Mississauga to photograph some amazing Extreme Families. This has become a sort of annual tradition for me, but I’ve certainly never photographed so many families in such a short amount of time. Usually, I’ve gone to photograph one […]

Psyche! I totally took a better photo than yesterday’s post. I think this is it. It probably would have been cooler if I had managed to slap a polarizing filter on the lens though – really darken the sky and bring out the cool cloud detail. Still – I got this one printed up nice […]

Shooting Raissa & Adam’s wedding last year taught me a few very valuable lessons about wedding photography. One of them is to take a lot of shots – there were probably a dozen of this grouping – and this is the best. You’ll notice it’s far from perfect. Realistically I should have taken, maybe, double […]

Those cupcakes gave me gut-rot, or at least some sort of pink disease.

Enjoyed a lovely extended stay in Toronto. Thanks to my moms for taking a month off to clean her house and giving us a place to stay. Thanks to Paul for putting up with Mel and my shopping-Marathon (Queen Sized Batman Sheets!!). And a very very special thank-you to everyone who came out to see […]

I don’t think I have a set talent that I could perform comfortably in public. Unless you count witty banter and drop-dead good looks a talent (the ladies sure do!). I’m one of those guys that can *sort of* do everything I try, but none of it very well. The only thing that I am […]

Okay, so I had to make an emergency trip to Ottawa last Friday night; snow storm across Ontario. Came back last night to a snow storm in Toronto.My commute has extended to about 8 hours door to door. Yippee!

Musttake more photos.

The Prince Edward Viaduct used to be the second largest suicide structure in the world (just behind the Golden Gate Bridge). To stem the ease of jumping (and thus any chance of photography over the bridge) the city installed these 5 meter high wires which, imho, are effective, since suicide is the lazy way out […]

My obligatory Nathan Phillips Square shot – every Toronto blogger’s gotta have at least one.

“And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIGHT… “!

Archive digging for sure now – I’m afraid that I’m going to start posting shots of winter again, just because I feel like I’ve exhausted most “postable” (and some not-so-much) material from the past few months.

I don’t know if anyone read about what happened down the street from me on Friday, but it was hella-difficult to get home with a large part of my hood under lock-down.The two circling police helicopters did make me feel like I was in some 1984-esque totalitarian rule kinda place. Oddly, it served as a […]

Today’s youth can be so polite…

Black Bull Tavern, Queen St. West & Soho, Toronto

Ernesto’s Bachelor party was Saturday night, and, blissfully so, strippers were not involved. We headed down to The Local for beers and music; since Ernesto’s life has always been deeply routed in music (who else would get a masters in Jazz percussion) the evening took on a sort of “Jam session” feeling. Very laid back, […]

So I came home yesterday to find a delightful message affixed to my door“We regret to inform you that your gas service has been suspended today” To be honest, I regret to BE disconnected. I always pay my bills, so I went to check out what was up. I had received a credit in January, […]