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I don’t know if anyone read about what happened down the street from me on Friday, but it was hella-difficult to get home with a large part of my hood under lock-down.
The two circling police helicopters did make me feel like I was in some 1984-esque totalitarian rule kinda place.

Oddly, it served as a bit of neighbourhood unification, the street was shutdown, everyone was down off their stoops chatting – it was like a community barbeque – except someone got shot instead… which is actually exactly like a BBQ in my neighbourhood.

3 thoughts on “Gun-Shot-Blaow

  1. christina says:

    i found this entire incident rather annoying, or at least the traffic that resulted from it was. nice photos though.

  2. edie says:

    Did i tell u i spent an hour in a cop car last week? cause i did. FUN FACT!

  3. Rza says:

    I can see my apartment from one of the pics…you do live close.