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Shooting Raissa & Adam’s wedding last year taught me a few very valuable lessons about wedding photography. One of them is to take a lot of shots – there were probably a dozen of this grouping – and this is the best. You’ll notice it’s far from perfect. Realistically I should have taken, maybe, double that… triple – whatever, memory is cheap.

The other issue I experienced from this setup was the family shooters – I’m not a prick so I’m not going to tell the father of the bride he can’t take a photo. But eventually the guests have to give it a break and let the “pro” do their job, otherwise the attention of the subjects is always going to be misplaced and looking at whoever is pointing the click-box at them.

What I’m unsure of, is if I should go before, or AFTER they take their shots.

3 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Travis. says:

    Tripod and photoshop compositing if you ask me.

    And, don't you have the biggest click-box?

  2. I setup the shot: I go FIRST. Sometimes get loud or joke around so they look at me rather than Uncle Harry off to the side.

  3. Greg says:

    Not a photographer, but my instinct is that you should go first, especially when small children are involved. They are easily distracted, so best to get'em while they're fresh.