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The Houses of Weston

The Houses of Weston
The house on the left has had a five foot cobra loose inside of it since September.
Kinda makes me a little nervous…

The house on the right is probably one of the most unique, and beautiful homes in Toronto. What it lacks in grandeur it makes up in sheer architectural beauty, it was featured in a book I saw somewhere once.

3 thoughts on “The Houses of Weston

  1. steph says:

    you saw it in that cool book in chapters when you were on your "vacation in Guelph", remember?

  2. curmudgeon says:

    Bad bad bad potty mouth…I have a friend who works near you who may have some loyalty to …beware of your self today…..

  3. April says:

    I like the subject matter but feel the photos themselves are a little dull, I'm afraid… I would have liked better composition instead of the drive-by feel. (I'm sorry to be harsh!)