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Greatest animated movie ever made?
Iron Giant?

What’s your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “Totoro

  1. dan says:

    oh hell yeah then the iron giant comes next baby thats y this man is tattooed onto my body

  2. aaron says:

    maybe i'm one of the few for who spirited away is my fav. totoro is the best character ever tho. i saw some stuffed totoro dolls on queen st w yesterday in a store that had a bunch of barba poppa stuff. it was i think the only time i've seen totoro toys on the shelf in canada. good to see dan couldn't resist posting on this one.

  3. Can-Dance says:


  4. kim says:

    how did i miss this post?! anyways sometimes i scroll through them again and doing that i found it. oh iron giant… i should watch that as a christmas movie!