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I’m going to let yesterday’s “Currently Untitled” photo contest run another day since only a few people dropped their ideas in the comments section. This tells me only a few things:

  • People think I’m lying
  • People don’t want a free (!!!) print
  • People don’t want a free print from me
  • 8×12 people – I usually sell these things for $40 a pop.

    This particular shot was taken with my new favourite pocket camera – the Panasonic LX3 on it’s 16×9 ratio mode, and as usual was processed fully in Lightroom.

    3 thoughts on “Underpass

    1. josh says:

      pls centr foto. k thnx bai.

    2. josh says:

      very nice!

    3. Calusarus says:

      This under bridge shot is very nice : motion blur, and sharpen in the same photo.