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White Wedding

White Wedding
Erin & Will – congratulations on gettin’ murried.

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Erin & Will’s wedding this weekend. Despite all location scouting going to shit (it rained… then snowed!) I had planned some indoor contingencies and packed some big lights to take good portraits. This one, though, was a bit simpler.

I couldn’t resist capturing the snow-storm that sprung up during the reception (hey, it’s Ottawa!), so my 2nd shooter Younes and I tested a few exposures near the exit. This wasn’t going to be the best lit shot of all time, just one to capture the day (I wasn’t going to make anyone stand outside while I tweaked a separation light into that black hole of a night).

Was it cold? Yes! But Erin comes from tough stock and went outside no-problem. Popped off a few shots and this was the one that had the least snow blocking their faces 😉 I’ll likely show a few more as I sort through the deluge of great photos from this wedding, but the question remains: “If I book Justin Van Leeuwen for a wedding, will he make me stand in the cold on my special day?” Maybe.

One thought on “White Wedding

  1. Hilda Scott says:

    Yes it was a great wedding, and the weather was bad but it did'nt make any difference to the beautiful wedding and reception. I was so proud to be a part of.I'm so looking foward to seeing the Beautiful pictures you have taken.Erin and Will make a great couple and I wish them many happy years of good Health and Happiness.