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2006 to 2013 RIP Pixelpost

Pretentious Self Portrait


In 2006 I purchased what would be my first of many SLR cameras. I needed a creative outlet and found a happy balance between creativity and tech-geek with a digital photographic medium. My friend Aaron helped set up my site and I ran with it as I went from a Fundraiser in Toronto, to a first-time father in Ottawa, to a full-time photographer. It served me well, and though I’m not one to change things unless I need to (despite so much change over the years) it was time to send off old Pixelpost into the night… I wonder how many other photographers were still using it?

WordPress, as a medium, is new to me, so please bear with me as I settle into my new home, after all, I’ve been blogging on PP longer than I’ve been a dad. There are still some bugs to work out on this site, but I had it in a place I thought was good to put out there, seeing as all the little tweaks take forever to finish, if they ever finish at all.

But don’t worry! We have successfully and painstakingly (through an automated script) moved all of my original blog posts – for the most part – over to the WordPress blog HOORAY! For those new to this blog, and my back catalogue in particular let me explain: This goes back, way back, to my very first “good” photo I took with a SLR, when this was a daily photoblog. It’s actually not very good at all, at least not by my standards today, but it means something to me, it was new to me at the time and that still matters. This blog is as much a chronicling of a professional photographer as it is of my life. I’ve had people come to this site after seeing some of my work on Flickr, or published in a magazine, and they’ve gone back, through every – single – post. That’s something even I won’t do, it’s too embarrassing, but to some it shows growth, and how they too can grow and take a slightly better photograph, the one they see in their head, but just don’t know exactly how to yet.

So yeah, if you’re starting out in photography or want to see how much progress someone can make just by trying the backlog is there for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had creating it. 8 years old, and still growing.

As if one blog post wasn’t enough today, you can catch me over on Scott Kelby’s too.

2 thoughts on “2006 to 2013 RIP Pixelpost

  1. Welcome to the internet! We’ve been waiting for you 🙂