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Ottawa’s 95 bus. Takes people accross the city, on a journey… …A stinky, cramped journey.

For a few years you (my readers) have steadily come to this site in search of, well, I’m not quite sure what. At first it couldn’t have been good photography, though I hope to have relieved you, mostly , of that burden, by producing some work that I’ve come to be proud of. Over that […]

Ottawa got itself a Chinatown Arch. Now, definitively, people will know where Chinatown is. Before, visitors had to vaguely guess. I mean, being surrounded by Phở joints would only denote that you’re in Vietnam-town right? WRONG! Sommerset St. West might be the highest concentration of Phở outside of Hanoi… but it’s still the only Chinatown […]

Saw this on the ground. Sitting in front of a bunch of big-glass buildings. See, reflectors aren’t just round things you hold in your hand. They’re any surface. If you have some bright sun hitting some red brick you’re going to get some organe glow off of it. A big white wall will bounce sunlight […]

I went out once this weekend – that means I’m on daddy lockdown for the week. Freedom comes at a great cost.

I spent some time this week making arrangements and booking a lot of last minute portrait sessions and weddings, all of them based on referrals. It’s a great feeling to receive praise from your peers – praise coming in the form of recommendations: I can’t think of a better way to compliment a photographer than […]

Have a great labour day weekend! Hope y’all haven’t over-packed it and take some time to really enjoy yourself and your loved ones. You can grab this bigger over on my flickr page if you want to use it as a wallpaper or something.

And we’re back! Spent the past week on a brief repose in Toronto. Most of the time was with my family, and extended family for those who *ahem* managed to get back to me (props to Dan & Andrew Lieu for grabbin beers with me!) I travelled light for this trip. 2 kids under 3 […]

I was fortunate to return this year as Telus’ photographer for their “Give Where We Live” charity event. This is where the Telus community board (located in Ottawa) sit down and hand out all the money the employess gave, and then Telus matches. All told, Telus and it’s employees gave back about $1.3 Million into […]

Just playing around with some of the “quicker” shots we took last Sunday. I’m shooting a corporate event today – maybe I’ll have something to share, maybe I won’t 😉

Parking… stalled, not moving. I think it happens to everyone once in a while, maybe the body and mind need it? Maybe there’s a reason we’re not out there shooting, drawing, creating. We sit at the desk, digging through our archives – “crap, crap, crap” – uninterested, uninspired… I think it’s part of the process… […]

If the mantra of “show what you want to shoot” applied to me I’d be doing macro’s of plants and architectural photos from alleys. Thankfully that’s not the case and I should have some cool family portraits (not my family – whee!) coming up next week after what’s sure to be an awesome Sunday family […]

Lots of cross-posting repetition going on in my media streams this weekend. If you haven’t seen it already, please head over to Tiffinbox.org and read my post on the Ranger Quadra’s and recent wedding I shot. Leave a comment to – it makes me feel good. For those who follow my flickr stream, you’ve already […]

The title of this should read “I went on a photowalk and all I got was this lousy texture shot,” but really, I got so much more. This past Saturday was the 3rd year of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, and the second year I was a group leader. There’s not much credit to take […]

I suck at many things. It’s easy to admit – nobody’s really good at everything are they? (okay, maybe some people ARE good at EVERYTHING but we don’t like them very much) One of the things I’m particularly bad at is marketing. Professionally, marketting myself would be the best option, it’s cheaper, it’s grass-routes, it’s […]

Wow… WOW – it’s been a long time since my last post. I’ll explain. My computer has the habit of always being placed in the hottest room of my house, every place I go I figure an ideal location that will not only be bad for my computer’s life-span, but bad for me to even […]

Just looking up and around with the G11 checking out all the lines.

Erinn & Meera got Married this weekend… Erinn’s the eyes beyind Urban Nation and is a big fan of film photography. Meera, his lovely bride, puts up with his hobby like all our significant others’ do. I was not the photographer for this event which was a nice change. I got to sit back, relax, […]

After the show at the NAC’s 4th stage, an event in cooperation with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation & The NAC Foundation. It’s a remarkable fundraising dinner (themed) followed by live performances on the 4th stage. It’s an intimate venue and both of this years’ performers were wonderful. Pictured here is Jill Barber, she had […]

I had a few minutes before my client showed up for a portrait shoot this past Sunday, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t looking for other photographic opportunities. While I don’t find the building particularly attractive, I was drawn to it’s lines and, in particular, their repetition. Hopefully I was able to capture something a […]

From the groundbreaking at Wellspring Ottawa, which I was not officially photographing and, thusly, was able to focus on whatever I liked 😀

If you’re viewing this photo in anything but firefox – you’re doing it wrong. Like a bird on the wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free Like a worm on a hook Like a knight from some old fashioned book It was the shape of […]

Dudes! I’ve totally neglected the blog this week. Recently, I’ve become super cool and famous over on Flickr with some landscape photo I was playing around with in Photoshop – I didn’t even bother to title it. Not a big deal for some people, and no definable difference in my life aside from momentary glory, […]