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Chill Winston

Chill Winston
See, this shot’s at “Wilson” subway station. Wilson / Winston… Get it!?

WINSTON: Charles, why have we got this cage?

CHARLIE: Er, for security.

WINSTON: That’s right, for security. So tell me, Charles, what’s the point in having it if we don’t fucking use it?

CHARLIE: Well, because it’s Willy and Willy lives here.

WINSTON: Yes Charlie, but you didn’t know it was Willy, did you?

WILLY: Chill, Winston, it’s me and Charlie can see it’s me, so what’s the problem?

WINSTON: The problem is, Willy, that Charlie and yourself are not the quickest of cats in the alley at the best of times, so just do as I say and keep the fucking cage locked.

4 thoughts on “Chill Winston

  1. Rza says:

    I know that thing looked familiar but I still don't get what you are saying. Nice pic, everything looks better in b&w.

  2. Brad says:

    This makes no sense to me either.

  3. Brad says:

    Yep, still lost.

  4. schmee says:

    i'm with razor rza and brad on this one.