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Wing Challenge

Wing Challenge
Last night was the first official wing challenge – partook (partaken, party..part…)
…attended by Linda, Sharon, Stephen, Paul, Jessica, Candace, Barb and Myself (all work peeps). The challenge was really just to rate wings in Toronto, perhaps I’ll post the results here once they’re completed. These wings (our first 100) were at the Wheat Sheaf at Bathurst & King.

But fuck if I don’t feel nasty right now (writing before sleepy time) – I think I’m going to be pro-actively vegetarian for the rest of the week. The leftover bones were gross enough that I didn’t want to leave them in the crop, though you can see an uncensored version of the image here.

One thought on “Wing Challenge

  1. aaron says:

    I would like to know the results of this challenge. Make sure you give duff's (my current favourite) a try. and make sure you try the spicy honey garlic ones as well as their regulars.