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Lights On, Parliament

Lights On, Parliament
I did a photoshoot last night with a wonderful family: the Carlson’s. I was hoping to use the lit-up Parliament as a backdrop, but it wasn’t quite as bright as I had hoped, though it does add some great red and blue tones in the background, it’s not quite as dramatic in the portraits as it is here though.

Anyways, we walked around for an hour doing a lot of different shots, it was getting colder out so we were pretty quick to finish, and I’m happy with the results.

I did most of the shoot using a 580exII PW’d and on a shoot-through umbrella – which gave me a great spread of soft white light. I was filling it in with my 430ex attached ETTL -1 EV on-camera. Also, couldn’t have done it without Sterling, who was my VALS (Voice Activated Light Stand) and actually got me the gig. If you need a painter in the Ottawa area, he is definitely your man.

One thought on “Lights On, Parliament

  1. Calusarus says:

    Happy new year to you and yours.