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Untitled 2

Untitled 2
I’ve been organizing my Lightroom 2 catalogue all day (yaaaay), and I have to say – I take a lot of crap photos. Though I did take a lot of Ottawa, especially this summer, that warrant a second look.

What I’m trying to say is that I plan on doing some archive diving in the next while as I sort my mess of a hard drive out.

Question: What are your backup and organization strategies? Mine is pretty basic, I do everything through Lightroom, by date in folders by year, and add to collections as needed (pictures of Quinn are under a Quinn collection etc.). Though I’m pretty interested in setting up different catalogues for various work projects I do – keep ’em separate from my every-day personal stuff. I then have a LaCie 500GB external hard drive that I use to back everything up once a week… so – what do you do?

One thought on “Untitled 2

  1. iman - faith to you bitch says:

    ok… now you're just getting lazy