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Michael Tayler

Michael Tayler

Michael Tayler for Kitchissippi Times ©2012 JVLphoto

Featured on the cover the Kitchissippi Times today, is the young, Ottawa-based, Canadian, world champion (and soon to be Olympian) whitewater slalem kayaker Michael Tayler.

It was a great morning on his home course at Ottawa’s pump station rapids. I brought in my two A-list assistants Lee & Chris knowing that, at some point, I might need someone to hold a light on one side of the water while another acted as a spotter/runner for gear. I also might need one of them to take over as the other fishes one of my pocket wizards out of the water *ahem*

As Michaels success can be attributed to his skill along with a solid and supportive team of trainers and coaches, so too is a successful photoshoot built up on more than just the photographers work. Assistants, stylists, producers, makeup, all play specialized roles that elevate a good shoot to a great one, maybe even world class. So while I could have taken a pretty good photo of Michael on my own, I was able to take one I’m proud of with Chris and Lee there.

…Actually, I took a few, but the others you’ll have to wait for the June issue of iRun magazine to see 😉

It’s also important to note that Michaels Journey to the Olympics is not a cheap one, he’s in need of sponsors and is actively fundraising to make his dream come true, which you can read more about on his site here: michaeltayler.ca. You can also check out this image larger over on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Michael Tayler

  1. Anna says:

    Great Job Justin! And awesome shout outs to Lee and Chris, who I know had lots of fun with you that day. Congratulations to Michael as well for living the Olympic dream!

  2. faisal says:

    dude thats hoooot!!! Of course it will turn out as good as this, but can you please tell me what sort of lighting you use for this? sick!

  3. Greg says:

    Looks fantastic. You have a deft hand with your post-processing for certain types of shots that makes them feel "differently real" or "better than real". Combined with your composition and choice of focal lengths, it's a unique statement.

    If you showed me this and I didn't know it was yours, my first thought might very well be "This looks like a JVL photo," and that's about the highest compliment I can pay a creative type. 😉