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I’ve reluctantly joined Flickr as it does seem to be a repository of photographs of which I believe I should be associated. It’s also a community of like-minded people whom I would also like to associate myself with. One complaint I do have of, what seems to be the norm, is that praise is heaped onto photos (well worthy of it of course) with little to no constructive feedback. However I, and a few like-minded individuals, hope to break this ego boosting, but largely unproductive construct.

Take this post for example. I had it and I got feedback from someone right away on composition and adding contrast. NOW THAT IS HELPFUL!

I look at some of these pictures so long I don’t even know what colour they are anymore. You need help sometimes and if that comes in the form of a good editor, or a critiquing populace so be it. If I’m shooting shit, and people are calling it gold then I’m going to keep trying to sell you my shit… did that make sense? I’m going to bed.

One thought on “Bark

  1. Definitely prefer this crop. Love those textures in the foreground. Nicely spotted and executed