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Busy busy week this week – heatwave or no – I’m photographing a wedding on Saturday which really means a week of build-up, double checking, lists, and extra batteries & memory cards. You HAVE to have backups for this sort of thing. A wedding only happens once… and it only takes one loose end, one […]

Just looking up and around with the G11 checking out all the lines.

I had a few minutes before my client showed up for a portrait shoot this past Sunday, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t looking for other photographic opportunities. While I don’t find the building particularly attractive, I was drawn to it’s lines and, in particular, their repetition. Hopefully I was able to capture something a […]

I can’t watch the news, not the news that the media wants me to see. It’s full of tragedy, and more specifically, tragedy that has befallen children. You can’t read a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing the horror stories. As a parent, I’m pre-programmed to already imagine all the horror that can […]

This week I received the lovely Lensmate Adapter for the Canon G11. This is a must-have accessory for anyone with the G10,11, or Panasonic LX3 (I wish I had this back when I had one). The Lensmate is beautifully crafted with machined aluminum and black to match the exterior of the camera. It is primarily […]

I’m super excited to be booking some weddings this year. It’s a marvellous privilege to be allowed to document and photograph what is, for many, the single most important day of their lives. What’s especially nice is they sometimes come here and see that I post photos of doors and benches and stuff – so […]

Me & Quinn giving y’all a once over. Things have been pretty hectic around here this week, so please excuse the dust and lack of posts. I haven’t had time to write anything let alone take pictures. Mel’s due… like, now… so we’re basically sitting here watching to see if her belly pops like a […]

Walking West on Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON I read on

A downwards pan shot with the G11. I think the thing about new gear, for most photographers, isn’t the need to have it to get the shot they’ve always wanted, but the “new gear” feeling you get where all your creative options are wide open to you. That’s what’s great about a point and shoot […]