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Falling Up

Falling Up
A downwards pan shot with the G11.

I think the thing about new gear, for most photographers, isn’t the need to have it to get the shot they’ve always wanted, but the “new gear” feeling you get where all your creative options are wide open to you. That’s what’s great about a point and shoot camera; I’m not taking it as seriously as my SLR, so I don’t hold it up to the same arbitrary (and often boring) standards. So I have fun, let loose, and experiment with it. Getting more “wins” as a result.

An added bonus is that after I see the results, I realize there’s nothing holding me back from doing the same fun stuff with the big camera too.

Problems do arise, however, when we forget this feeling, and “new gear” ends up being “old gear” and you enter into a stale relationship of convention and mediocrity.

2 thoughts on “Falling Up

  1. calusarus says:

    A strange mood. It reminds me "The Blair Witch Project"